LGBT Lies Reach More Kids, Now Through Parental Pressures Online

Walt Heyer underwent transgender reassignment long before it became a trend for youth. He since renounced that reassignment as bogus and fraudulent, and he added that people are suffering from comorbid disorders that need to be addressed and treated. According to Heyer, if medical leaders just would do so, there wouldn’t be any transgenders left in society. (Walt Heyer photo)

Gender-dysphoria kids are targets for transgender ideologues pushing castration and sexual mutilation on a growing scale, with discussions now focused on toddlers as young as two.

Discussed are chemical castrations, hormone boostings, double-mastectomies, penile inversion surgeries and use of prosthetic penises and penile binding of children as they start school.

It is difficult to even see this in writing, but parents and therapists are talking it up online, even suggesting fraudulent means to coerce or trick insurance companies and the government to pay for such procedures.

At the website 4thWaveNow, parents work to defend their gender-dysphoria kids from such pressures, and they lovingly admonish children not to deny who they really are.

Though stated as a secular group including “rational feminists,” welcome are families that encourage thankfulness for God’s creation, to accept themselves for how they were fearfully and wonderfully made.

These parents observe frightening trends across the Internet, the impacts that a super-funded, politically empowered LGBTQ juggernaut is having in schools and communities on a national scale.

An example of just one such trend is the increasing number of double-mastectomies being done on girls as young as 13 years old – with some of the discussion focused on how to find willing surgeons.

A discussion noted by 4thWaveNow was: how young can transgender traits be seen, when should they be dealt with? A dad of a two-year-old was told to ride it out a couple more years, but stay open minded. So, can we know the difference between baby boys and baby girls?

Observed on Twitter was a discussion about surgery for a 14-year-old “son” (a girl seeking to be identified as if male) and how others could help with the under-age desire to get rid of her breasts.

The procedure was called a “top surgery” among on-line participants.

“My son had top surgery at 16 in Baltimore [Maryland], no regrets!” one parent said. The names of individuals are redacted from the 4thWaveNow report.

“His dysphoria mostly resolved after surgery,” the parent added. “We paid out of pocket, and our insurance paid about half on appeal.”

That parent, backed by another satisfied customer, said that surgeon Beverly Fischer performed the surgery after a recommendation by Dr. Elise Pine of Chase Brexton in Baltimore.

Another request online was for an Arizona area doctor to perform “top surgery” on an underaged girl aged 14. “Can you please give me the name, city and state? Thanks,” the request stated.

“Dr. Toby Meltzer in Scottsdale, Arizona, best doc on the planet,” a respondent replied.

We need to hear from one another and pay attention to what other families are saying

Martin Mawyer, Christian Action Network

From there, responding parents said their “sons” were 15 and wanted surgery as soon as possible, another of age 15 was scheduled for consultation this month (April), a parent bragged the surgery was a success on a 13-year-old, and a surgery on a 16-year-old cost out-of-pocket.

“He is 21-years-old now, and very happy,” the parent said.

The irony of being happy about their own surgical mutilation was not lost on Christian Action Network President Martin Mawyer.

“This is absolutely a tragedy, what is happening to our children and grandchildren,” Mawyer said. “There are young children who perhaps played with the wrong toy or said they wanted to be the wrong hero, who are being pushed into becoming the opposite sex.”

Mawyer said that groups like 4thWaveNow are a critical asset in our quest for understanding what is really happening, and it is an asset from God that all Christian families can benefit from, to hear from families dealing with transgender ideology issues at a personal level.

Doing so as they fight against the transgenderism lies.

“We need to hear from one another and pay attention to what other families are saying,” he said. “We know that the institution of the family is under attack by Satan and all the powers of darkness, and what some families observe in the trenches can help all of us.”

The fellowship of families noted online as 4thWaveNow has appeared in several past articles posted at the Christian Action Network.


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