LGBT Teaching Guide Aims to Change Christian School Beliefs in U.S.

The push for transforming religious communities toward pro-homosexual beliefs is bolstered by a curriculum program developed in Britain and coming to America. (CNN photo)

The British-sourced program “Educate and Celebrate” favoring LGBT+ beliefs has a specific plan to infiltrate religious, or Christian schools, according to documents obtained Friday by the Christian Action Network.

The program is coming to America, according to curriculum leaders.

The program relies on British “Equality” laws, specifically the Equality Act of 2010, that includes requirements for Britain’s religious-based schools, according to program leaders.

(The Christian Action Network notes the possible enforcement of the law over religious-based schools of under-aged children in Britain. There is no apparent legal challenge to it.)

Beyond Britain, the program is active in several European nations, and leaders expressed their desire to introduce parts or all of it in the U.S., as well.

Their directives focus on a preliminary goal for parents to understand the concept of “usualizing” the behaviors of lesbians, homosexual men, bisexuals, transgenders and other sexually-based character types, hence the LGBT+ reference.

Coming to a Christian school near you? A curriculum program developed in Britain and aimed specifically at Christian schools is heading for implementation in America. (Imgur Upload photo)

The parents are told this in terms of “usualizing the full variety of identities and relationships that children may see in the world around them,” program statements said.

The specific program that is aimed at religious, nominally Christian, schools has been tried in England – and they learned from successes and failures how to best achieve acceptance past the clear instruction of scripture.

“Key to managing interactions with parents about the program was a willingness to listen (sympathetically,)” program statements said.

“However, relationships with parents also worked better where schools did not preemptively flag up LGBT+ content as potentially problematic.”

In other words, they resorted to strategic deception and subterfuge to gain ground among parents and other more religious members of these religious-based school families.

The Educate and Celebrate statements noted that school officials, including teachers, grew in their confidence in the program over a year-long gradual unfolding of its teachings.

That first step was to present it as a program to stop bullying,

“They built on their established expertise in pastoral care and worked hard to build positive, collaborative relationships with parents,” the program statements explained.

“In this work they were led by the students, whose open-minded, creative and thoughtful approach to thinking through the issues faced by LGBT+ people of faith illuminated the way.”

The program implementation relied on leaders and school officials, along with teachers and leading students who were selected to help, and they agreed on a point to start with. The notion that no religion condones “bullying” led to an introductory step.

That first step was to present it as a program to stop bullying, starting with a one-time anti-bullying assembly. Program leaders noted that the subterfuge (or what they termed as discretion) built confidence among program supporters.

Read part two of this report to expose Britain’s program of pro-homosexual propaganda mandated by law in religious, nominally Christian, schools.



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