LGBTQ Activist Charged in Fake Hate-Crimes Arson and Fraud Plot

After making contradictory statements about happenings on the day of the fire in Jackson, Michigan in 2017, police learned Joly bought $10 worth of gasoline, and that the five-minute window of opportunity for someone else to prepare and set the fire was unlikely given physical evidence at the scene. Joly also raised money off of the incident as if a hate crime. (Detroit News photo)

The Daily Mail – Police arrested a transgender and gay rights activist for allegedly burning down [her] own home to make it look like a hate crime. Nikki Joly, who organized a number of pro-LGBTQ events and initiatives is accused of intentionally setting fire to [her] own house in 2017.

Five pets died in the blaze that the FBI initially investigated as a hate crime. However a new police report suggests that Joly was simply looking for further publicity to advance [her] cause.

The arrest comes in the wake of the scandal involving actor Jussie Smollett who has been accused of staging his own hate crime in order to promote his career.

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[CAN corrects pronoun references where possible if original reports fail to do so in cases of transgender ideological falsehoods.]


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