LGBTQ Lies Burden PCA as Confusion, Division Stirs Strife

The Presbyterian Church in America struggles over how to handle LGBTQ/transgender ideology, and they are deeply divided over it. Meanwhile, social conservatives for years have been demonstrating for action to expose the lies of these sexual perversions. (TPF Student Action photo)

The Christian Post – A regional body of the Presbyterian Church in America denounced the Revoice Conference, a gathering of LGBT Christians seeking to adhere to biblical standards of sexual ethics, as not a safe guide on issues of gender and sex.

The Central Carolina Presbytery formed a committee in November to investigate the theological merits of the inaugural Revoice Conference of July 2018 at the PCA Memorial Presbyterian Church of St. Louis, Missouri.

The 16-page report, posted on The Gospel Coalition’s website by PCA Pastor Kevin DeYoung, stated, “some of the principal voices in Revoice have not been careful enough with their labels, their theology and their relational advice.”

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