LGBTQ ‘MAP’ Condemns Discretion on Sexual Deviants

A man noted with the last name Dawson, age 50, of Pangburn, Arkansas, was fired from his job as a contractor in 2012 shortly after telling his boss that he would rather be female and be treated as if female despite the biologically scientific fact that a male can not ever become female. (SHRM photo)

The Daily Mail – In America, it’s legal in 15 states to fire gay or transgender people simply based on their sexual orientation or gender identity, according to a new report.

Currently, the nation has a patchwork of state laws and federal court decisions that create uneven employment protections for the LGBTQ community, depending on where they live and work, according to the analysis by the Movement Advancement Project, or MAP.

MAP is a Boulder, Colorado-based “think tank.” Naomi Goldberg, director of policy and research at MAP, said, “There is a geographical swath down the middle (of the country) and then a swath down the southeast that don’t offer protections for (LGBTQ people).”

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