LGBTQ Seeks to ‘Trash’ Witnessing Christians, Use Smutty Display Tactics

Operation Save America organizes out of churches and Christian groups across America seeking to witness against national sins such as abortion and homosexuality, seeking opportunity to also present the gospel for those willing to repent. (OSA photo)

Witnesses in Milwaukee

Hundreds of Christians came from churches throughout America this week to Milwaukee where they witnessed against abortion and homosexual sins, and they met some opposition.

Operation Save America, according to a coalition of counter-protestors, had up to 1,200 in action, and their presence was a threat to abortion rights.

According to a statement by the Abortion Access Front, the Christian “orcs” came, “with their gross posters, their dour men yelling at us to debate them, their followers who think a woman should only speak to shame other women.”

OSA Executive Director, Rev. Rusty Thomas countered in comments to the Christian Action Network that he was happy with the rather low turnout from the other side.

“They had ads and billboards, they spent a ton of money to oppose us and what we’re doing,” Thomas said. “We’ve only seen handfuls of their people show up, and we’re thankful for that.”

The Abortion Access Front led the presentation of an enormous trash can as part of their display of spite against Christian “orcs” as hateful bigots they would like trashed and taken away. (AAF photo)

Thomas added that OSA crowds at their events, some as near to the two abortion facilities of the Milwaukee area as the law allows, do not fit the hateful extremist picture painted of them.

“The national sin of abortion is our basis for presenting the gospel,” Thomas said. “It’s really not about protest or demonstration, it is holding worship right up close before the gates of Hell.”

AAF boasted of “this big-ass garbage can,” and their protestors were joined by “a rally of pro-choice bad asses from Chicago Abortion Fund, Reproaction, Affiliated Medical Services and a bunch of other amazing orgs.”

The coalition included drag queen homosexuals of the Drag Queen Story Hour movement and activists with pro-LGBTQ advocacy groups, gathered for what they called “The Garbage Fryer Festival.”

Their counter demonstrations include planned “burlesque” shows by paid drag-queen dancers who act similar to strip-tease performers.

We see here pastors, leaders and saints from throughout America, come to see these death camps closed down

Rev. Rusty Thomas, Executive Director of Operation Save America

Also bragged: “an inspiring drag queen story hour,” and a display of “a glittery vulva costume that made everybody mad, really, made the other side yell about how a vulva should only be there for your partner to see.”

Thomas said the spectacles are not uncommon as the nation buckles beneath the burden of moral poison.

“Our nation has made a covenant with death, and this has resulted in a culture of death,” Thomas said. “Of course, homosexuality never produces life, but ends in the deaths of many.”

His organization deployed a display team to downtown Milwaukee in addition to teams at the two abortion facilities.

The Milwaukee campaign this week is the capstone of events OSA groups across the nation hold through the year.

OSA aims to put Christians close to what Thomas called, “death camps” referring to abortion facilities, “for the pulling down of strongholds.

“We’re just continuing that pattern here in Milwaukee,” he added. “We see here pastors, leaders and saints from throughout America, come to see these death camps closed down.”


  1. My reply to the LGBTQ’s would only cause much anger.
    My answer to Pro Choice, people would not matter to them, for they are soaked in the blood of dead babies.
    So all I can say is what is written. “ the only way one will see the face of our God, is they must go through Jesus Christ”!


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