Liberal Entertainer Gets Blow-Back From Boorish Insults Against Trump at Comedy Gig

Fans wanting entertainment heckled then walked out of a recent Wanda Sykes performance (Twitter Photo)

Asbury Park Press Sept. 29 – More than a dozen fans walked out of Wanda Sykes’ show at Count Basie Center for the Arts Thursday, after the comedian opened with a series of jokes about President Donald Trump.

Sykes began her set poking fun at Trump’s assertion that world leaders at his recent UN address were laughing with him, not at him. (If that was the case,) “What was the joke he told?” Sykes quipped. She also joked that, while other presidents seemed to have aged at a faster-than-typical rate while in office, the general public seemed to be aging more quickly during Trump’s administration. Trump hadn’t aged a bit, Sykes deadpanned.

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