Liberty at Risk in The Wolverine State: Democrats Advance Chilling Legislation

Liberty at Risk
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A Hefty Price for Crossing a Blurry Line: Five Years in Prison and a $10,000 Fine

I guess it was to be expected, sooner or later — a complete crackdown on religious liberty and free speech.

And who is leading this aggressive attack, tearing into the fabric of our cherished freedoms like a battalion of marines storming the beaches?

It’s none other than our ‘friends’ in the Democratic Party of Michigan.

Shocking. Well, not so much.

If you think your religious liberty is safe, you may want to look at what’s going down in The Wolverine State.

Right here, on our very own soil, we’re seeing a full-frontal assault on our First Amendment rights by a group of power-drunk Democrats who have forgotten what ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘religious liberty’ actually mean.

The political elites in Michigan, hiding behind their well-polished desks, have decided they’re the thought police, hell-bent on censoring any speech that dares to ruffle a few feathers.

And make no mistake; this isn’t about protecting people from violence. It’s about silencing those of us who dare to hold different views.

The state is updating its ‘Ethnic Intimidation Act with a series of bills (HR 4474-4477) that is set to blast the bedrock of First Amendment rights into smithereens.

In Michigan, it’s not about fair representation anymore. It’s about power – raw, unadulterated power. It’s about a ruling party that feels it has carte blanche to quash any voice, thought, or whisper of dissent.

The state legislature and governorship, firmly in the grip of the Democratic Party, have taken it upon themselves to define what constitutes ‘hate speech.’

Take a moment to consider this: making someone feel threatened or harassed about their gender or sexual orientation is now being considered a felony. Making matters worse, the word ‘harassed’ is nowhere defined in the legislation.

Penalties would hinge not on concrete facts, evidence, or clear wrongdoing but rather on the supposed victim’s highly subjective feelings and perceptions.

The Democrats have decided that your freedom to express your thoughts is secondary to someone else’s freedom not to feel uncomfortable. It’s an Orwellian nightmare unfolding right before our eyes.

What is the punishment for crossing this blurry, subjective line? Brace yourself. Those found guilty could be carted off to prison for up to five years or hit with a hefty $10,000 fine, or both! Now let that sink in for a moment.

But hey, it’s for the greater good, right? Or at least the greater good as they see it.

But here’s where things get really dicey.

Who’s to say what makes another person feel harassed? Is it your conservative views? Your refusal to bow down to the LGBT agenda? Your insistence that biological sex is immutable?

How long before we see pastors hauled off to prison for preaching from Romans 1 or Leviticus 18?

Democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer, with her track record of trampling on liberties, will no doubt sign this bill into law (which has already passed the House), probably with a smirk on her face, enjoying the sweet taste of power.

Is this the America we want? A country where freedom of speech and religion is tossed out the window on the whims of the few who hold power?

Let me remind you of something important here.

This isn’t just happening in Michigan.

If this bill becomes law, it will spread. It’s a chilling reminder of the very real danger that religious liberty is under threat in any place where Democrats hold the majority in the state legislature and governorship.

Today, it’s Michigan. Tomorrow, it could be your state.


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