Local church forms link in national Life Chain abortion protest

Helen DiCarlo, left; Anthony DiCarlo, a freshman at Sacramento City College; and Liliana DiCarlo, a senior at UC Davis; will join other abortion opponents in forming a Life Chain on Sunday in Davis. Courtesy photo

On Sunday, 100 members from the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church participated in the 90 minute, 32nd annual Life Chain Event where people from 1,600 Canadian and American towns protest quietly in an attempt to let others know that adoption is an alternative to abortion.

Local participants on Sunday stood along a two-block section of Amherst Street in Winchester holding signs in both Spanish and English reading, “Adoption: The Loving Option,” “Jesus Forgives and Heals,” “Abortion Hurts Women” and more.

Winchester’s Annette Canan, a participant while holding a sign that stated, “Lord, Forgive Us and Our Nation” said “You don’t realize what you are missing until a child is in your life.”

Organizer of Sacred Heart’s link in the Life Chain, Frances Moyer, said “We have a heart for women who are suffering and feel they are forced to kill their children, and we have a heart for those 50 million babies who have died since 1973 in this country alone.”

Since abortion is a divisive issue, demonstrations such as Life Chain are at the risk of turning into heated clashes with people supporting abortions. In Winchester, the protest was very civilized with numerous people waving and smiling as they drove by.


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