Lockheed Martin forced its top execs to ‘unlearn their white male privilege’

Lockheed Martin, the nation's top defense contractor.

More than a dozen executives of Lockheed Martin, the nation’s top defense contractor, were singled out by their company and forced to take special training program because of their gender and the color of their skin.

Some 13 company officials, including a three-star general, had to take a three-day Zoom course to “unlearn their male privilege.”

Portland-based White Men as Full Diversity Partners (WMFDP) provided the “training” last June, as Black Lives Matter protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death were reaching a media-fueled fever pitch. Details of the 16-hour, three-day course last June were obtained by City Journal.

It is unknown whose decision it was to require the training, or how much Lockheed paid WMFDP for what amounts to race- and gender-based re-education. The firm’s website lists as its clients Colonial Pipeline, the City of Portland, NASA, Boeing, Exxon Mobil, Dell, Kohler, Ohio State University, USAA and Suncor among others.

Some 70 percent of the $6 billion Lockheed Martin rakes in per year is government contract work.

The training reportedly dwelt on male stereotypes, as if the men had psychological problems that needed correcting. They had to parrot statements of privilege like “my body belongs to me”, and try to feel the plight of minorities with statements like “I’m tired of being black.”

Other talking points included the men having to forget their “problem solving” impulses and “listen” instead and accept that “life is a journey.” The men also were asked to list the connotations of “white privilege,” in a kind of confession of wrongdoing.

The trainers also presented the men with 156 statements of privilege based on their skin color, gender and sexual preference, like being able to find affordable housing if they move, being able to get a haircut, and being “encouraged” to make as much money as they can.



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