Los Angeles Dodgers Slide into Absurdity: Invites, Disinvites, Then Re-invites Blasphemous Drag Group

Los Angeles Dodgers Slide into Absurdity

Dodgers’ Invitation to Blasphemous Drag Group Leaves Fans Outraged

The name of the Los Angeles Dodgers now rings in the ears of many Americans, and it’s not because of their feats on the baseball diamond.

No, they’ve decided to trade their gloves and bats for an absurd spectacle of the most disgraceful kind.

The baseball team is now embroiled in an embarrassing controversy by inviting, disinviting, and then re-inviting and issuing an apology to a vulgar and absurd drag group.

If you haven’t heard, the Dodgers have invited the so-called “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” to accept a Community Hero Award during a pregame ceremony on June 16.

The anti-Christian group describes itself as a leading-edge order of queer and trans nuns who promote acceptance of their clownish and disrespectful appearance.

They parade around in heavy makeup and costumes with perverted Christian motifs.

As if the group was not enough of a joke, it turns out that Biden’s nuclear waste official, Sam Brinton, is a former member!

Brinton is most well-known for stealing women’s luggage from an airport, so it makes perfect sense that he would be involved with this ludicrous organization.

Appalling footage has surfaced from the Sisters’ disrespectful ‘Hunky Jesus’ contest, which depicts a man masquerading as Jesus on a cross while a drag queen prances around him performing a pole dance.

For Christian fans of LA baseball, this was the breath that collapsed this already flimsy house of cards.

Initially, the Dodgers had thought it would be a grand idea to invite this blasphemous group to their pride event planned for June sixteenth.

Of course, this extremely tone-deaf move brought in a deluge of righteous anger.

CatholicVote, Senator Marco Rubio, and Dodgers players have voiced outrage at the blatant disrespect of religion. Their sentiments are echoed across the nation by Americans who still hold family values dear.

Speaking out against this gross performance eventually led to the Dodgers withdrawing their invitation. Still, rightfully, people ask if this is a display of rare common sense or just damage control.

As expected, the Dodgers made the answer to that question extremely clear with an alarmingly speedy about-face on the matter.

Fearing social media backlash from the woke regime more than their own disgruntled supporters, they caved faster than a sandcastle at high tide. The Dodgers re-extended the invitation to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and even apologized.

Even more absurd, the group is back on to receive an award! Dodgers’ Stadium will award the group with the Community Hero Award for the “… life-saving work that they have done tirelessly for decades.”

Strange, life-saving work typically does not involve disrespect, religious intolerance, and habit-wearing weirdos.

In their spineless Twitter statement reinviting the unbelievable group, the Dodgers have committed to continue working with their LGBTQ+ partners to ‘better educate themselves’’

Speaking of education, how about a little bit of knowledge about the deeply held beliefs of millions of Catholic and Christian fans?

Maybe a crash course in “Respect 101” would be helpful.

Fortunately, not all sane voices are silent in the face of this travesty.

Los Angeles Dodgers reliever Blake Treinen and All-Star starter Clayton Kershaw voiced their opposition. Treinen accurately summarizes the situation in a Twitter letter, writing, “The fans do not want propaganda or politics forced on them.”

He couldn’t be more right. People are tired of being force-fed politics and propaganda, especially in spaces that should be free from such divisiveness.

In a feigned act of contrition, the Dodgers have now announced the return of “Christian Faith and Family Day.” Star pitcher Clayton Kershaw publicized this faith-themed event, promising it would be “bigger and better than it was before COVID.”

While it may seem like a move in the right direction, CatholicVote speaks out against this move as simply a band-aid on the more significant issue of Christian disrespect.

It’s like ordering a salad after a triple cheeseburger and fries to balance the meal. A bit too little, too late, don’t you think?

As the Dodgers demand respect for their exhausting list of LGBT celebrations, maybe the baseball organization would be better served if it just stuck to the basics, “Play Ball!”


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