Loudoun County Update: Judge rules that boy ‘engaged in non-consensual sex’ with girl in female bathroom

Scott Smith

Transgenderism in schools is facing a significant public-relations hurdle after a “gender-fluid” male student was found to have raped a girl in a Virginia high school bathroom.

What’s more, the school district in question tried to dodge around that hurdle by covering the incident up.

A Virginia court ruled on Oct. 25 that the biological male student who had been accused of raping a girl in the girls’ bathroom of a Loudoun County, Va. school actually “engaged in nonconsensual sex,” reports The Post Millennial. The male student claims to be “gender-fluid” and was wearing a skirt at the time of the incident. Sentencing of the attacker is set for November.

When Scott Smith, the girl’s father, tried to force the issue of the attack at a June 22 Loudoun County School Board meeting, he was set upon, arrested and charged by law enforcement with disorderly conduct. The district superintendent said at that meeting that no sexual assaults in bathrooms had ever been reported at the school.

The school board voted in August to allow transgender students to use school bathrooms matching their gender identity, following “guidelines” from the liberal-Democrat-controlled Virginia legislature to protect and promote transgenderism in public schools.

A newly released email also shows that the Loudoun County superintendent did in fact get reports of sexual assaults in school bathrooms, prior to the meeting in which he denied knowing of any. On May 28, the same day the female student at Stone Bridge High School said she was assaulted in a bathroom, Superintendent Scott Ziegler wrote: “The purpose of this email is to provide you with information regarding an incident that occurred at Stone Bridge HS. This afternoon a female student alleged that a male student sexually assaulted her in the restroom. The LCSO is investigating the matter.”

The school board voted in August to allow transgender students to use school bathrooms matching their gender identity, going along with “guidelines” from the Democrat-controlled Virginia legislature to protect, enable and even promote transgenderism in public schools.


  1. As the Loudoun County school board was trying to just make Scott Smith’s daughters rape disappear because it involved a blight on society, a fictional being that will never exist, a boy who decides to call himself a girl one day, a trans. Well this boy had other intentions for wanting to use the girls bathroom as a boy, he wanted to sodomize and rape these young girls. As Scott Smith was patiently waiting for action to be taken, this so called he/she was allowed back in school, a different school, he raped again and was finally removed from school. The Smith family got a call from the parents of the other girl the boy raped and that’s when you saw Scott Smith demanding answers, being dragged out by police and being used as the poster parent for Domestic Terrorism.
    I want to know when the Loudoun County school board is held accountable for their corrupt actions. They are the Domestic Terrorist. It starts with the Biden administration trying to portray good, patriotic, sensible Americans as villain’s in America and villain’s as the good people. Creating chaos, Hatred, violence, racism, anti Americanism, for their political agenda to transform America.


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