Macy’s Parade Points All Eyes At a Lesbian Kiss Performance on Live T.V.

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is a popular viewing idea for many families as their own family feast and gathering plans come together. This year, the parade featured a sample dance from a musical play based on a homosexual relationship, the dance culminating in a lesbian kiss on live T.V. ( photo)

Media are celebrating what they call a milestone moment: the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade stopped the show for a live-T.V. lesbian smooch.

During a street performance from a new Boradway musical, the cast paused in their dance blocking for the concluding featured actresses to embrace and kiss, a scene replayed and congratulated across the spectrum of liberal social and broadcast media.

Pro-family conservatives were not amused.

Commentator Todd Starns said he received a slew of negative feedback from families announcing their dismay at the spectacle, and he agreed with them.

“Who knows what sort of ground Macy’s will break in next year’s Thanksgiving Day Parade,” he warned. “Perhaps a salute to gender fluidity or polyamorous relationships?

“Or maybe they’ll just throw caution to the wind and throw an old-fashioned 1960s love fest right in the middle of 34th Street,” Starns added.

In an “Our Say” editorial, CAN editor Martin Fisher noted that new and old “sexual disorientations” are being celebrated on T.V. constantly – a part of a left-wing agenda pushing “false, fake Frankengenders.”

“It is not as though we would have to pay any attention to these false, fake Frankengenders if they were not unfurled in front of us all, you know, like, every minute,” Fisher wrote.

His editorial is available here.

Add the annual broadcast of what used to be family fare – the happiness of a colorful parade – to that plethora of media pushing that sexual agenda.

now macy’s has sexualized and lesbianized Thanksgiving in its iconic kid’s parade

The homosexualizing of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade adds one more dimension to everything in media that is presenting an anti-family, untrue and Biblically condemned belief system.

LifeSite News noted the featured new play is centered on a pro-homosexual theme, and the Macy’s parade leaders helped a wrongful cause of indoctrination in the name of inclusion.

LifeSite noted, “God never makes any human to engage in what He has called an abomination, and always shows a way out for those who seek His loving, merciful transformation from lives of sin to lives of sanity and virtue.”

The incident caught the attention of the American Conservative’s Rod Dreher also.

“Nothing like appropriating a national holiday celebration to rub the noses of the culture war’s losers in their defeat,” Dreher said. “Now, Macy’s has sexualized and lesbianized Thanksgiving in its iconic kids’ parade.”

The actresses Caitlin Kinnunen and Isabelle McCalla acted out the smooch, a moment that USA Today noted as likely the first kiss between a lesbian couple broadcast during the Macy’s holiday event

Starns noted that the Macy’s parade leaders and Media have their right to run things and publish as they wish.

“That being said, parents with young children might want to pre-tape next year’s parade,” he noted, “to avoid having to answer uncomfortable questions over the giblet gravy.”

If most of the rest of the population sees the parade viewing as similar to watching grass grow, perhaps we can all just skip it next year.


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