Man dresses as a transgender woman to record girls in mall restroom

Jacob Guerrero

There’s a reason for not letting men into women’s bathrooms, no matter how they’re dressed or what gender they think they are.

A Massachusetts man proved this when he allegedly put on a blonde wig so he could secretly record girls and women in a shopping mall restroom, police said, as reported by Channel 10, WJAR in Rhode Island.

A COVID face mask apparently made it even easier for Jacob Guerrero, 23, who was arrested on Oct. 18, to think he would not be discovered in his voyeuristic adventure.

Guerrero’s behavior and odd get-up aroused suspicions of onlookers, who saw more than a trans man trying to express his “real” identity. According to a police report, the August incident prompted an investigation.

Investigators said Guerrero followed girls as young as 12 into the bathroom, occupied a neighboring stall and tried to record video of them with spy cameras attached to his shoes. A witness got a photo of him, investigators say, that clearly showed pen-style cameras that were tucked in his shoelaces.

Guerrero had left the bathroom by the time police arrived at the initial incident, but (ironically) surveillance video led to his identification.

Police arrested Guerrero on Sept. 2 during a motor vehicle stop. He was released on bail the same day but an investigation continued, with authorities searching his phone and finding 12 videos where the unsuspecting subjects were either nude or partially nude.

Five of the victims were under 18.

Guerrero was arraigned Oct. 19 on one count of child pornography. He has pleaded not guilty.


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