Man who de-transitioned from being a girl wants to help others from making same mistake

Brian began hormone therapy aged 19 in 1976 and became known as a busty showgirl named Natalia 'Tish' Gervais in New York (pictured in 1986 as Tish

Who better to help uncover the dangerous, destructive lie of gender-switching than one who has been there … and back.

Brian Belovitch, now 63, from Brooklyn and born male, spent 11 years trying to live as a woman. Now, after “detransitioning” back to being male, he has trained to be a counselor who helps people accept their birth gender.

Constantly mistaken for a girl from childhood, Belovitch decided to transition to being female when he was 19 years old, instead of embracing his “effeminate gay identity” as he has learned to do today.

He transitioned in the late 1970s, going through hormone therapy and breast implants, and spent eleven years living as a busty female performer named Tish. Extreme bouts of drug and alcohol abuse followed, and he soon realized his transition had not made him happy and reverted back to his old self, and now lives as a gay man again.

As exemplified in one Texas case, there are many people today who feel that young children should be encouraged to surgically and chemically try to “switch genders” if they decide they do not like being a boy, or feel uncomfortable as a girl. 

Brian said: “I was so uncomfortable as an effeminate, chubby gay boy I thought it would be easier just to be female. Looking back now, I realize I never felt like a woman. It was more that my gender had always been in question and the idea that something wasn’t quite right was forced on me. It was like, ‘Well, if people think I’m a girl, I’ll be a girl’.”

Brian is speaking out about his extraordinary life, which has seen him battle addiction as he tried to fathom who he really was, just as a British woman has been given the go-ahead to pursue legal action against an NHS gender clinic, saying they should have challenged her more ardently before allowing her to transition from female to male.


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