Marvel creates two new, non-binary superheroes for ‘woke’ generation

The comic book franchise is hoping to appeal to the so-called 'snowflake' generation by introducing two new characters – a pair of psychicpowered twins who are 'hyper aware of modern culture'

Two new, cringily contrived “superheroes” from the cultural sausage-factory of Marvel are so “woke” that even “woke” people are crying foul, unable to get on board with such shameless pandering to political correctness.

Marvel’s latest heroes make a flailing effort to cater to the bullied generation by being “hyper aware of modern culture.”

Snowflake, with short blue hair and blue leotard, does not identify as either male or female. The character also can make snowflake-shaped blades for throwing, presumably at Trump supporters, climate deniers and other bullies.

Snowflake’s twin, Safespace, which is a term used to describe an environment free of any kind of challenging human interaction – creates pink force fields for defense against the unkind, such as people who might disagree or argue with you.

The twins, who curiously both appear to be black, are being introduced as part of a series called New Warriors. Co-creator Daniel Kibblesmith said their powers are “a postironic meditation on using violence to combat bullying.”

According to MailOnline, the heroes have not been entirely well-received. They have even been accused of making a mockery of the LGBTQ community, especially with their unsubtle names.

One naysayer described the launch as “extremely tone deaf,” while another tweeted: “The Marvel ‘New Warriors’ are so badly designed I thought they were parodies of ‘stuff as many LGBT/minority characters in the main cast as possible’ series.”

Mr. Kibblesmith explained: “The connotations of the word ‘snowflake’ in our culture right now are something fragile Snowflake is a character who is turning it into something sharp.”

Snowflake is the franchise’s first openly gender-bending superhero, although Marvel writer Al Ewing previously said Thor’s nemesis, Loki, is bisexual and “gender fluid.” If a cartoon character can be those things


  1. This world…it always manages to destroy or pervert the things you know you shouldn’t invest time and money into.


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