Maryland county school to develop LGBTQ history class

FILE - students sit in a lecture hall during a lecture. (Photo by Patrick Seeger/picture alliance via Getty Images)

The largest school system in Maryland is making it its business to push homosexuality on young people, putting together an actual class for high schoolers that delves into “LGBTQ history.”

Montgomery Public Schools unveiled the project during a School Board committee meeting the first week of February. It’s the first such class in the system, and would be offered as a pilot course in 2021, according to television station WTOP.

School officials said the curriculum for the course is being “co-created” by teachers and students, and that they want to “make sure we’re hearing from a large number of parents in our system.”

In documents released by the school board, the class is described as “an LGBTQ history/studies elective for high school students.”

School faculty and administrators seem eager to push the achievements and legacy of being gay onto young people. “We had 10 of our high schools actually request to pilot the course,” said Maria Navarro, the school system’s chief academic officer.

Only two or three schools usually step forward and ask for a pilot course when it is being offered, she said.

The plan for the class was laid out Feb. 4 during a meeting of the board’s Committee on Special Populations, which is trying to gear schools toward LGBTQ students and families.

The pilot course must be approved by the full Board of Education before it can be offered to students.


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