‘Masked men’ try to ignite HQ of filmmaker who insinuated Jesus was gay

The group made short film The First Temptation of Christ which insinuates the religious figure is a gay man

In what could have been either a criminal attack or a clever false-flag publicity stunt, mysterious masked men have petrol bombed the headquarters of a comedy group that insinuated Jesus was homosexual in a short film for Netflix.

A false-flag attack is when a person or group stages an attack on him- or itself to appear as a victim and gain attention and sympathy, or stir up rage. Such attacks depend on anonymous, never-found attackers and attacks that do little actual harm or damage.

Three men threw the incendiary devices at the back door of Porta dos Fundos’ headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, footage posted to social media shows. A security guard managed to quickly extinguish the flames, Mailonline reports.

No one was injured and Brazilian police are investigating. The group made the short film The First Temptation of Christ, which depicts Jesus returning home for his birthday. After release of the film, which depicts Jesus bringing his presumed boyfriend Orlando to meet the Holy Family, Christian groups took offense.

An online petition that was launched in Brazil called for the film to be banned and drew more than 2 million signatures.

In video from the attack a man with a digitally altered voice says the comedy group had been targeted. He claims to speak for a group he calls the Command of Popular National Insurgence.

Writing on Twitter after the attack, Porta dos Fundos said “molotov cocktails” were hurled at the building, and added CCTV of the attack had been made available to the authorities.

Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, earlier this year suspended funding for a series of films including a handful with LGBT themes. The decision was later struck down by a federal court.

His son, Eduardo Bolsonaro, recently called Porta dos Fundos’ Christmas special “garbage” on his Twitter account, saying the filmmakers “do not represent Brazilian society.”


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