May Day Politics of Left-v-Right Drives Brawl At Portland Bar

Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer led a rally that Antifa militants attacked, resulting in a brawl outside the Cider Riot bar in Portland, Oregon, but somehow bar owner Abram Goldman-Armstrong concluded Gibson and his group were liable for damages, so he has filed a civil case against them. (Fox News photo)

Fox News – Police in Portland responded to a brawl outside a bar Wednesday night where members of far-left Antifa clashed with a far-right group.

People from both sides fought and sprayed bear repellent and pepper spray at each other, the reports said. Abram Goldman-Armstrong, owner of the bar, called Cider Riot, told The Oregonian that Joey Gibson, founder of the far-right group Patriot Prayer, was there with about 20 protesters.

The fight happened after a day of generally peaceful May Day protests across the Oregon city. Hundreds of people rallied for the rights of immigrants, workers and other marginalized groups, specifically at gatherings in Elizabeth Caruthers Park, Holladay Park and Chapman Square.

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