Media Corp. Uses Cartoon Icons to Lure, Snare for Sexual Perversion

Liberal corporations use their influence to promote vile and iniquitous sexual predators of LGBTQ and their sexual revolution as children are the victims, because those symbols include innocent looking cartoon characters that few would think are lures to snare young hearts and minds into perverse addictions. (Cartoon Network photo)

The Christian Post – Cartoon Network, the popular channel watched by millions of children, promoted LGBT pride month by using one of its widely popular shows to encourage fans to stand proud for perverse sexual desires.

LGBT activists designated June as “pride month” to celebrate so-called “alternative” sexual desires, and Cartoon Network took to Twitter last week to voice its solidarity with the movement.

“We want to wish everyone a HAPPY PRIDE and encourage all of our LGBTQ+ fans to stand proud all year long!” the network, owned by Warner Bros., stated along with emojis representing a rainbow flag, heart and unicorn. The tweet also included a picture of characters from its popular show “Powerpuff Girls.”

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