Media Leaders Expose Proven Left-Wing Censorship Bias

Conservative commentator L. Brent Bozel warns that Google is potentially the most dangerous suppressor of conservative views because of the power it has with its search engine, and of further threat is that service companies such as PayPal and Microsoft are also censoring against conservative views. ( photo)

The Daily Mail – A group of media leaders gathered to discuss ways to combat so-called liberal bias in the tech industry.

Leaders from conservative websites including the Washington Times, The Federalist, The Daily Signal, LifeSite . . . came together to discuss what they say is the a left-wing bias among billionaire tech titans who use their power to push a political agenda.

“Conservatives are coming together, . . . and joining forces to fight what some of us believe to be, potentially, the greatest threat to liberty in history,” Media Research Center founder Brent Bozell said. “I think we’re heading for an all-out war. As much as they like Kumbaya, this isn’t gonna be Kumbaya.”

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