#MeToo Feminism Nixes Famed Old Song About Women and Cold Weather

The 1944 song, "Baby It's Cold Outside," and featured twice in the 1949 film Neptune's Daughter, more recently became a staple of Christmas music streaming at secular stations angling for more songs that do not focus on Christ. Now the song is being banned from a growing number of those stations, illustrating the impact of #MeToo and sexual messaging through entertainment. When some attention will be paid to rap music lyrics is uncertain. (MGM photo)

The Daily Mail – Multiple radio stations have removed the  popular Christmas tune ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ from their playlists amid concerns it has ‘predatory undertones’. KOIT 96.5 in San Francisco, California, has stopped playing the song until at least next Monday as they ask listeners via online poll whether it’s inappropriate in 2018.

The Bay Area station halted airplay temporarily after some complained about the track, but hundreds have since expressed annoyance at the idea of its removal. Meanwhile some stations in Canada won’t be bringing it back at all.

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