Michael Brown’s father demands $20 million from BLM organization

Michael Brown Sr. (left) is among the Ferguson activists demanding funds from BLM

Michael Brown Sr., the death of whose son helped grow the stature of Black Lives Matter by sparking riots in Ferguson, Mo., is among the BLM activists demanding millions from the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation after its finances were recently disclosed for the first time.

The group raked in $90 million in donations last year. Brown says he wants $20 million and that his advocacy group has been shortchanged by the national organization, according to a report at DailyMail.com.

Brown’s son, Michael Brown Jr., was killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo. in 2014 as the two struggled for the officer’s gun. Brown Jr.’s death helped kick off the BLM movement, though he was a known criminal. It sparked the “Hands up, don’t shoot” chant, based on a witness report that Brown was shot in the back, despite the fact that all his wounds were to the front of his body.

The International Black Freedom Alliance, started in St. Louis and is affiliated with Brown, is taking up Brown’s cause and demanding money from BLM.

It says it’s asking for $20 million for groups in Ferguson, to help fund a foundation in honor of Michael Brown Jr., a community center in his name, organizing grants and programs for the local black community.

The IBFA also said Brown has received only $500 from any group associated with Black Lives Matter. It isn’t clear whether the overarching BLM network has responded to Brown’s demand.

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