Michigan middle school tells teachers to hide gender transitions from parents

Richards Middle School in Fraser, Michigan./ Facebook

As more and more U.S. public schools are unmasked as trying to insert themselves into students’ personal and sexual lives, a Michigan middle school has been caught hiding the “transgender” status of a student from his parents.

The school was enabling the student to go by a different name and pronoun while he was at school, and his teachers had been instructed not to inform his mother about his school-only identity and what basically amounted to a secret life.

On June 10 FOX News reported on an email sent to teachers at Richards Middle School in Fraser, Mich., in which a school counselor coaches teachers before a parent-teacher conference to refer to the student by his “birth name” and to use masculine pronouns when communicating with the student’s mother.

The practice of schools teaching inappropriate sexual matters to students without parental knowledge has come to be called “grooming,” for the way it enables secret future sexual activity between young people and people in positions of trust at schools.

The Michigan e-mail refers to the student, a boy, by a female name he chose and with female pronouns. It also makes clear that the boy’s parent is unaware of the gender “transition” while the boy is at school.

A spokesperson for Fraser Public Schools did not deny the deception when contacted by FOX, saying only that “the district is mindful of and compliant with its obligations under Title IX laws.”

It’s not clear which provision of Title IX the district is complying with, however. The applicability of Title IX to “gender identity” has been the subject of several federal lawsuits, while guidance on transgender students from the U.S. Department of Education has changed according to the administration.

Under Barack Obama in 2016, the DOE put the troubled students in charge and directed schools to treat them as their “chosen” gender. That was rescinded under President Donald Trump less than a year later, using the argument that Title IX protections apply to biological sex and not gender identity.

Joe Biden’s handlers changed the guidance back when he was installed in office in 2021, citing a Supreme Court ruling to extend Title IX protections to gender identity.


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