Migrant agitators are rotting the Big Apple

Migrants invade New York City
Defiant NYC migrants camp outside the Watson Hotel

As migrants invade New York City, it seems the only ones enjoying the spoils of war are the rats of Gotham.

Illogical. Gullible. Dumb.

Those ugly but truthful words describe New York City Mayor Eric Adams. Not just him, but all those countless dreamy, romantic, utopian city officials mindlessly trying to “solve” the city’s immigrant crisis.

The Big Apple is currently playing host to over 44,000 illegal immigrants with needs (more like demands) that far outpace the financial resources and goodwill of the eleventh-largest city in the world.

With Pollyanna zeal, Adams is blindly determined to help migrants squat in America, regardless of the detrimental hardships, frustrations, and threats they pose to residents and unsuspecting visitors.

As immigrants pour over the southern border and subsequently find their way into NYC, Mayor Adams is doing a lot of soul-searching and head-scratching as he manufactures elaborate schemes to keep these border criminals happy, content, fed, and entertained.

One minute he is bragging about how the city is providing asylum seekers with food, shelter, medical care, and a good dose of hospitality. The next, he is whining about how unfair it is for the state’s governor and that Liar-in-Chief in Washington, Joe Biden, to deny him the $1 billion he needs to keep Big Apple migrants living as highfalutin foreign dignitaries.

Adams predicts the migrant crisis could cost the city $4.2 billion by June 2024.

“Will they remain 100% dependent on the city and state for handouts that whole time?” asks the editorial board of the New York Post.

Too bad Adams doesn’t have gold bricks to bang his head against; all would be fine.

Consider: Not only are NYC migrants being comped with $300-$500-per-night hotel rooms, along with three square meals a day and limitless health care services, but Gotham City migrants also receive free cellphones, haircuts, ping-pong tables, transit passes … and Xboxes.

Not surprisingly, New Yorkers are asking, “How long will migrants be in these hotels?” Adams just booked the world’s tallest Holiday Inn with almost 500 rooms. That alone will cost the city $10.5 billion through May 2024.

Someone has to pay for this red-carpet treatment. It’s becoming patently clear that hard-working New Yorkers are growing angry at footing the bill, especially as migrant attitudes grow increasingly ungrateful, hostile, and demanding toward their host city and its residents.

Rats hosting Mardi Gras parties

Mexican immigrant Bonfilio Solis, who lives legally in the Big Apple, told the New York Post, “It’s bullshit. These migrants expect benefits from the government and aren’t appreciating what they’re being given. They’re being very disrespectful.”

Even though migrants are afforded such extravagant hotel accommodations as the Watson and the Row (where the wise tourist would be even wiser not to start a bar tab), the migrants treat these gifted luxury rooms as if they were living in a Third World dirt hut.

Felipe Rodriguez, an employee at the Row hotel, says that fourteen hotels have taken in around 36,400 migrants in NYC. Row staff have given up trying to stop guests from smoking, “The protocols went down the toilet because migrants can smoke weed, they can smoke cigarettes. You can’t tell them nothing,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez made national news last month after speaking out about the “chaos” at the Row, with “migrants being drunk, drinking all day, smoking marijuana and consuming drugs.” In addition, there’s “domestic violence,” “sex in the stairs,” and fights between migrants and hotel staff, he told Fox host Laura Ingraham.

“It’s a disgrace,” he said.

 Rodriguez also reported finding rice cookers, hot plates, and assorted pots and pans in the rooms. Migrants prefer the cuisines of their native lands, despite having traveled thousands of miles to escape them. This might be understandable, but open heating elements pose a fire risk and endanger everyone in the twenty-eight-floor building.

To prevent this possible catastrophe, the city provides three meals a day whether the migrants consume the offered food or not. NOT is the operative word here because migrants are absolutely refusing to eat any meals provided by the city – sandwiches, burgers, pasta, meatballs, bagels.

Rodriguez said hotel staff now collect fifteen to twenty bags of garbage from each floor a day. Do the math. The Row has 28 floors, so between 400 and 600 bags of daily trash!

Where do you put it all?

Outside, the industrial dumpsters are so full of sandwiches, fully prepared meals, and fruit that they spill over onto the ground. 

Nightly, the Gotham rats are turning out for Mardi Gras parties outside these luxury hotels.

Million-dollar apartments for migrants?

When single men at the Watson were asked to move to a new facility at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in Red Hook to make room for migrant families, they initially refused to board the bus. They had heard reports that the cruise terminal was cold, and that they would have to use communal bathrooms and showers. 

In a twist of irony, rather than going to a temperature-controlled shelter with a roof and beds, they stomped their feet like spoiled two-year-olds and slept in nylon tents outside in the freezing cold. 

In defense of these childlike antics, the migrants didn’t develop this insane idea on their own. Instead, they were egged on by a group of local activists who used the migrants as pawns to advance … socialism? (Probably not the social system that attracted these squatters in the first place.)

Left-wing agitator Sergio Tupac Uzurin was one such local organizer. With the skill of a circus ringmaster, he whipped up the rebellious migrants into a paranoid frenzy, telling them they deserved better, more, and did I mention more? He instructed the migrants to camp outside the hotel’s entrance until Mayor Adams gave them million-dollar apartments for free.

“This is Billionaire’s Row,” he argued. “These are $40 million apartments.” He claimed Mayor Adams could have easily “opened up all of the vacant luxury apartments.”

Uzurin told the migrants they were entitled to humane conditions – dismissive of the fact that the Red Hook shelter is humane, providing heat, water, food, beds, bathrooms, showers, Xboxes, TVs, and more.

Yet the migrants described the Red Hook shelter as a “prison!”


Ungrateful Exodus

For anyone even marginally acquainted with the Bible, the attitudes of these migrants recall the story in Exodus of the Israelites fleeing Egypt in search of the Promised Land. God provided for them every step of the way, but He could never do enough. His Chosen people complained, rebelled, disobeyed, and criticized.

Similarly, warm shelter is not enough for the NYC migrants, even if it has beds, blankets, pillows, TVs, gaming systems, free food, bathrooms, showers, medical care, haircuts, and coveted transit passes.

Last weekend, Mayor Adams spent a night inside the Red Hook shelter to demonstrate that the accommodations were safe and trustworthy, much like a mother showing a scared toddler that the bedroom closet is safe to walk into by taking the first step.

Adams posted videos and photos of himself sleeping, eating, and playing video games.

It was meant to reassure spoiled migrants that NYC cares about their comfort, needs, and even their craving for American entertainment. During the mayor’s one-night stand, those “give me, give me” migrants could watch his blissful night’s sleep on their free smartphones, all in undisturbed tranquility because the city offers free child care.

But what Americans will take away most from Mayor Adams’ reality sleepover show is that he finally got his come-uppance: “You made your bed. Now lie in it.”


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