Minister Fired After Faithful Witness Against LGBTQ as Sin

Pastor Justin Hoke announced his departure from ministry in northern California because a community refused God's Word and biological science as the foundation for a sign of witness that Hoke produced on New Year's Eve. (Facebook photo)

The Christian Post – A northern California pastor has begrudgingly stepped down as members threatened to leave after he posted a church sign that called transgender celebrity Caitlyn “Bruce” Jenner a man and stated that “homosexuality is still a sin.”

Justin Hoke, who formerly served as pastor at Trinity Bible Presbyterian Church in the town of Weed in Siskiyou County, took to Facebook to announce that he is leaving the church. His departure comes following protest and vandalism in response to his church sign.

On New Year’s Eve, Hoke used his personal Facebook page to post a picture of the sign outside of the church.

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