Moore: Gender Equality in Hollywood Requires Quotas

Julianne Moore is sure that a quota system is fair for Hollywood and the film industry to engineer gender equality for all levels of professional responsibility, regardless of merit or capability. (AP photo)

The Idaho Statesman – Julianne Moore said Wednesday that larger efforts are needed in order for the movie industry to reach gender parity, and that means implementing quotas. “We will not have gender parity unless everybody is cooperating,” she said.

“Women are not a special interest group. We’re 52-percent of the global population. In order to restore the balance, I do think that we will need some measures to change our culture.”

“We will have to make major changes to reach parity. . . So, I do believe in quotas. I really do,” added Moore. “I believe in trying to level the playing field for everybody regardless of their gender or their culture or ethnicity.”

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