More Rebuke School Castigation of Student for Liking Trump

The discussion continues over a middle school that rebuked young Bella Moscato in front of her classmates at Samoset Middle School, Long Island, N.Y., her teacher castigating her in class (before her classmates) for choosing U.S. President Donald Trump as her hero figure for a writing assignment. (New York Post photo)

Our Christian Action Network community responded to the outrageous treatment of a school girl whose only crime was choosing Donald Trump, President of the United States, as her hero figure.

The focus of the assignment was creative writing along with proper sentence structure and spelling.

Nevertheless, her teacher with the backing of administration officials all the way up to the superintendent of schools noted their rebuke of sweet Bella Moscato, even in front of other teachers and her classmates.

It is as if Samoset Middle School Principal James Horan, available at (631) 471-1700, stands by the castigating and humiliating of Moscato out of political motivation, some commentators observed.

“I called the superintendent and voiced my sadness and disapproval of the teacher who humiliated Bella,” said Donna Walter, “and (my) disgust that the principal would back the teacher.”

Bella Moscato suffered bigotry in class at Samoset Middle School, Long Island, N.Y., sparking an ongoing discussion. Samoset Middle School’s principal James Horan can be reached at (631) 471-1700. (Liberty Eagle photo)

“This world is really bad when we involve children in our Hate Trump syndrome,” Sharon Wilkey said. “The teacher should be fired if she has such poor judgement.

“We raised four boys,” she added. “If they had been subjected to this treatment, we would have sued the britches off the school district and then home-schooled them.”

Shirley Savaglio praised the youthful little girl for her bravery and insights. “A brave young lady,” she exclaimed. “Don’t let anyone change you. You’re my hero now!”

“Public school has become a bad place to send your kids!” Sandy Phipps said in a note of despair. “Never in my life has there ever been such contempt for any President of this country, and it is so underserved.”

There was a repeated matter of complaint through the thread of comments, noting that there is much too little fight coming from the other side.

Why would this be allowed and not be called bullying ?

Karen Cochran

“The problem is that most Republicans just sit back and do nothing,” said Diane Veazey. “Hillary and many other on the Democrat side should be in prison, but nothing gets done. . . . It’s as if the Republicans put up no fight.”

Some teachers also spoke up. A comment from a joint Twitter account for John and Shirley Ahlers noted that they are a teachers’ home, so they oppose such terrible actions by a teacher.

“This is not what a good teacher or leader does,” the teaching Ahlers said. “The school is to be a neutral place of learning. Such people should get out of education. They have no place there.”

“And they wonder why kids bully, it’s because teachers do and they are allowed!” Karen Cochran said. “Absolutely disgusting! Why would this be allowed and not be called bullying?”

The Christian Action Network hopes the discussion continues and more sharing and spreading the word gets more and more people involved with the need to inform, organize and step into action.


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