More than half of American college students believing rioting and looting can be justified

Screenshot on YouTube: Trump threatens to send in troops amid Minneapolis riots sparked by death of George Floyd | ABC News

A college diploma, once regarded as a prerequisite to a well-paying job and any shot at success, now means that the holder is far more likely to regard the United States as a white-supremacist dystopia where looting and rioting are justifiable political speech.

As authorities across the nation wait for more violence to arise from the outcome of the presidential election, brushfires of violence are again springing up. The last week of October saw new rioting in Portland and also in Philadelphia, where police shot and killed an armed black man.

The fact that the black man had a knife and advanced threateningly at police has been downplayed.

A recent poll taken among college students revealed support for violence and destruction in response to police use of force, even when the facts obviously justify that force. This is despite these students’ being “educated” by “professors” at institutions of “higher learning.”

According to the Washington Examiner: “America’s next generation of college students, markedly liberal and who support Joe Biden nearly 3-to-1 over President Trump, have strongly adopted the positions of the Black Lives Matter movement, according to a sweeping new survey conducted for Yale University’s William F. Buckley Program.”

Adopting the leftist-academic view that America is racist, 51 percent of undergraduates 24 years old or younger said that the nation is “inextricably linked to white supremacy” and that minorities, despite being well represented in business, entertainment, sports and politics all the way to the Oval Office, are “excluded from the American promise of equality.”

Even more, 64 percent said that whites who do not speak out against racism are “perpetuating the injustices” minorities face.

So it’s really all about what you’re saying.

Some 64 percent of the 800 students surveyed across the country believe that violent rioting is justified, while only 28 percent disagreed. Some 8 percent were unsure.

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