Mosul Limps Slow From ISIS Remains, Fears ISIS Return

A seven-story building in Mosul, Iraq, used by the Islamic State to hurl accused homosexual to their deaths is still being dismantled three months after its announced destruction, with two floors remaining and only one working construction vehicle in the area. The city is lacking capability to clean out the remains, and fears lack of ability to defend itself if another Islamic State wave returns. (AFP News photo)

The Business Insider – The demolition of a wrecked building in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul where Islamic State used to execute men they said were gay is already in its third month.

Homeless boys who hunt for scrap in the remains of the former National Insurance Company building work quicker some days than the lone digger perched on its crumbling carcass.

Two years after the battle in which Iraqi forces recaptured Mosul from IS, the authorities do not own enough equipment to clear the rubble littered across the city. Hundreds of Mosul council vehicles were destroyed in fighting or used by IS as suicide bombs. Few have been replaced.

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