Mother Gives In, Starts Sex-Change Process for Five-Year-Old Son

A lesbian couple, one masquerading as if male transsexual, are leading the five-year-old biological son of the other into rejecting his boyhood, to dress in girls' clothing as if a girl and to begin a process of becoming a girl - including castration at some point before he enters puberty. (The Sun News photo)

The transgender movement has reached out and claimed another victim in young Jayden, a boy who lives with his biological mother and a false, fake dad.

Jayden is five, growing up in the extreme risk of a household run by a woman who masquerades as if a man, Greg Rogers, as if Jayden’s father, and who pressured his mother into agreeing to a so-called transgender process for her son.

According to Mommy Underground editor Jennifer Roberts, the LGBTQ community applauds the lesbian couple for guiding Jayden into transgenderism.

“What little Jayden really needs is to be removed from his home and adopted into a safe family,” Roberts said. “Tragically, as his parents let him begin the process of “transitioning” to a girl at the tender age of 5, his life is bound to be full of darkness and confusion.”

According to Mommy Underground editor Jennifer Roberts, a boy plays games of magical adventure: he can fly, turn into a unicorn or become a girl. When grown, castration means never having biological children. He will never actually be female. That assertion is simply a lie. (The Sun News photo)

Roberts observed that Jayden’s caregivers first saw him playing dress-up, and he complains often that he doesn’t want to be a boy anymore. Was there any talk of being a man? Are men the enemy in Jayden’s household, except for transgender “men?”

“Greg” was glad to see it, Jayden’s mother – not so much – hoping it was just a phase. After interactions with liberal, pro-homosexual friends, she gave in.

She said she has learned that transgender transitioning happens a lot more often than she ever thought before.

The appearance of falsehoods on top of falsehoods was frustrating for Roberts to see.

the actions of these parents are abusive

“When he grows up as a “female,” he will be forced to deal with the consequence of what was done to him by grown adults,” she said.

“Point blank, the actions of these parents are abusive,” Roberts added, “while the little boy watches his “transgender” parents and thinks their behavior is normal.”

To Roberts, the responsibility is mostly the biological mother of this child, not protecting him and prioritizing him first from the lies being told to her by her liberal, sexually disoriented friends.

“Basically, she is letting a 5-year-old child call the shots,” Roberts said. “Clearly this mother is mentally ill.”



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