Mother told to abort baby 14 times by doctors, but refused

Kiera Meldrum was told by doctors to abort her baby that was suffering from a bowel disorder, but she refused Credit: WSNS

A defiant mother refused doctors’ suggestions to abort her baby 14 times, and she’s glad she did.

Kiera Meldrum, 20, lives in York, England.  After her 21st week pregnancy scan, she was told her unborn child was suffering from a rare and crippling bowel disease.

From that moment on, doctors told her to abort the baby.

“Doctors told me every week to terminate my pregnancy,” she told Fabulous Digital at Sun News.

“Hearing that advice over and over again was horrific, but something told me Lillee-Rose would make it through.”

The baby was also suffering from a build up of fluid in the abdomen, which was causing other complications. Keira would carry the pregnancy in constant pain; her stomach would swell up enormously and she felt like she was carrying a balloon inside.

The baby was in an incubator for weeks, but is now a healthy baby girl Credit: SWNS

Even with the persistent pain and discomfort, “‘There was no way I was terminating my pregnancy – I’d waited so long to become a mum and I was determined to do all I could to protect my baby,” she told Metro.

During the February 26 delivery of her baby, Kiera said she was bracing for the worse. And when the child was born, she couldn’t hear a cry. 

“I was waiting for what felt like forever for that first cry and, when I heard nothing, I just shut my eyes in fear, not wanting to see what had happened.

“Finally, this little scream erupted and I felt a huge wave of relief wash over me.

“They handed me Lillee-Rose and she was just the most beautiful baby I’d ever seen in my whole life. She was perfect.

“Watching them whisk her straight away from me and into surgery broke my heart.

I’m so happy I listened to my heart instead of the doctors.”Her newborn is now being monitored every three weeks, but Kiera says the baby is “getting bigger and stronger every day.”


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