Mother trying to transition her son against father’s wishes loses court fight

Jeff Younger is pictured outside court in October. A judge has ruled that he will be allowed to have a say in future medical decisions related to his child

The parental battle over a boy whose mother wants to turn him into a girl continues in Texas, with a Dallas judge granting joint conservatorship to both parents over their child. This would mean all decisions would have to be agreed upon by both father and mother.

Dr. Anne Georgulas’s attorney has promised to challenge the judge’s ruling, reports the UK Daily Mail. It was she who was attempting to medically transition her seven-year-old son, James, into a girl. 

Georgulas won her original court case last October that allowed her to give James hormones to block puberty. The decision by the jury meant that the boy’s father, Jeff Younger, who opposed such a procedure, had no say in his own son’s medical decisions.

Now that ruling has been overturned, and Georgulas and Younger will have to make joint medical decisions regarding their child, which includes whether James should undergo hormone replacement therapy to transition to a girl. They will also have to jointly agree on James’ hair styles and dental and psychiatric care.

Younger and Georgulas must also attend counseling.

Georgulas, a pediatrician, had argued that James is transgender and wanted to transition to a girl named Luna. Her ex-husband did not believe James has gender dysphoria and said his child was experiencing some confusion with gender.

He accused Georgulas of forcing James to socially transition into a girl by making the child wear dresses. In November it was revealed the youngster had decided to attend school this year as a boy. The battle began when Georgulas filed a court request in 2018 to change their joint custody arrangement to include a requirement that Younger start calling their child by the name Luna


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