Muslim brothers murder their sister over her Western way of life

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Does your beloved female family member’s behavior not fit your “image of women”? In at least some forms of Islam, you may need to go to the trouble of killing her.

Judeo-Christian societies don’t tend to do that kind of thing, though, and that’s where two Afghan brothers went wrong in Germany last July. German prosecutors have charged the pair with murder over the killing of their sister, who in their opinion was becoming too Western in her ways.

Thanks to its tolerance for mass immigration from the Middle East, Germany’s population is now close to 7 percent Muslim.

The brothers, ages 26 and 22 and identified as Sayed H. and Seyed H. to uphold German privacy rules, are accused of asking the 34-year-old woman to meet with them in Berlin on July 13, telling her that they had found an apartment for her and her two children. They then attacked her, strangled her and slit her throat, reports the Associated Press via Stars and Stripes.

Prosecutors said the pair went later that day by taxi to a train station, carrying her dismembered body in a suitcase, then traveled to Bavaria where they drove to a location near the older brother’s home and buried her. They have been in custody since Aug. 3.

In the indictment, it is stated that the men committed the crime to punish their sister for dishonoring their family with “her Western-oriented way of life, which did not correspond to their archaic ideas of honor and morals and their image of women.”

Prosecutors elaborated that the sister had divorced her husband, to whom she had been married when she was 16, after suffering domestic violence. She had begun a new relationship which the brothers felt they could not permit. Her ex-husband had also threatened her with death, leading to a restraining order against him.

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  1. They weren’t gonna kill her.
    Just rough her up a little bit.
    During the attack she called them democrats.
    That’s what sent them over the edge.


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