Muslim family kills son over Christian conversion

Hussein Mohammed, an Egyptian who converted to Christianity, was murdered by his family as part of an honor killing

Hussein Mohammed, a Muslim-background believer (MBB) living in Egypt, was murdered by his family on Sunday as part of honor killing after they discovered that he had converted to Christianity from Islam.

Mohammed, who preferred to be called George, his baptismal name, had posted numerous photos on his Facebook account. His family was aware of his conversion prior to these posts and photos. His uncle had gone so far as to make a formal complaint with the Directorate of Security, to no avail.

The Facebook photos, including one where George is seen flaunting his tattoo with a cross, which is typically found only on Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Christians, served as a public acknowledgement of his faith conversion.

Though, Egypt is officially a Muslim country, it does possess one of the largest Christian demographics in the Middle East. However, Christian citizens are regarded second-class at best and often lack the basic opportunity to claim their human rights.

Muslims converting to Christianity are viewed from an even harsher perspective by the Islamic community. They are considered apostates which mean that a public discovery of their conversion makes them more vulnerable to falling victim to an honor killing.

It is suspected that the Facebook photos prompted the family to kill Hussein Mohammed.


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