MyPillow Ads Vanish Amidst CEO’s Financial and Legal Turmoil

Despite the pause in TV advertising, Mike Lindell promises his MyPillow ads will return soon. (Image by Midjourney)

In a surprising turn of events, MyPillow, once a staple in commercial slots on Fox News and other cable channels, has been conspicuously absent from the airwaves in recent weeks.

CEO Mike Lindell confirmed on Wednesday that the company’s financial struggles and his personal legal woes have contributed to the hiatus.

Lindell, a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump and a prominent advocate of the 2020 election fraud, has faced many challenges recently.

His company, MyPillow, is currently embroiled in billion-dollar defamation lawsuits filed by voting software firms Dominion and Smartmatic, stemming from Lindell’s claims about the 2020 election.

Adding to the pile, Lindell’s legal team recently severed ties with him due to unpaid fees amounting to millions of dollars.

In a candid conversation with The Daily Beast, Lindell revealed that the pause in advertising was not only due to financial constraints but also a lack of product to sell, attributing it to delayed shipments and reduced credit lines from lenders, including a significant cut from American Express.

The CEO lamented, “And all the stuff overseas is late coming, so we’re waiting for our stuff that goes on TV. That’s why you’re not seeing MyPillow on TV right now.

Despite the setbacks, Lindell assured his audience during Monday’s broadcast of his online show, The Lindell Report, that MyPillow would be making a television comeback. “

“We’re gonna be doing a big, big ad campaign starting next Monday on the networks,” he declared, attributing the ad break to a “delay” in receiving new seasonal products and expressing frustration at the media for unsettling his vendors and financial partners.

Lindell also shared that negative press in June, which highlighted MyPillow auctioning off surplus machinery and equipment, sparked concerns about the company’s viability.

This coverage, he said, influenced American Express and other companies to slash MyPillow’s credit lines, further straining the company’s financial stability.

Amid these challenges, Lindell continues to devise plans to “secure” future elections, which includes a peculiar strategy involving wireless monitoring devices to detect hackers at polling locations.

However, unlike previous endeavors, Lindell is now seeking financial assistance from his supporters, urging them to contribute to the “Lindell Offense Fund” to bring his latest election security vision to life.

As the MyPillow CEO navigates through his financial and legal maelstrom, the public awaits to see if the once-ubiquitous MyPillow commercials will indeed grace their screens again next week and how Lindell’s ongoing controversies will unfold in the public and legal arena.


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