N.Y. governor blames POLICE for crime wave

Cuomo said that shootings in NYC are up 79 per cent year to date. A victim is shown after an incident in Brooklyn on July 7

Even as he threatens to defund police in his state, continuing a leftist theme that the party is likely to carry into November’s election, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is blaming them for a recent surge in gun violence in New York City, reports MailOnline.

Cuomo referred to the upsurge as an “urgent crisis” resulting from police departments doing “very little” to come up with ways to reform themselves.

The governor is threatening to defund up to 500 departments across the state if they do not have plans in place by April 2021.

In an Aug. 17 press conference he described how New York City murders are up 29 percent, while shootings are up 79 percent year to date. He said the data indicate that shootings are up 60 percent in the Bronx, 102 percent in Brooklyn, 54 percent in Manhattan, 75 percent in Queens and 108 percent in Staten Island.

The NYPD’s own shooting figures, also released Aug. 17, were higher than Cuomo’s numbers. Shootings are up 82.1 percent and murders are up 30.2 percent according to those numbers.

Cuomo said that in New York City, the data show that more than 90 percent of the shooting victims “are black and brown,” as if these shootings are different from those of people with white skin.

The skin color of those who pulled the trigger was not discussed.


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