Nashville Shooting: Too many guns or not enough God – Video

Nashville Shooting: Is the Root Cause Too Many Guns or Not Enough God? Plus other topics: Is insect flour the future of food? IRS Accused of Weaponizing Against Journalist Matt Taibbi. Poll: Americans Rejecting Traditional Values, Patriotism on the Decline.

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Martin: All right, so today we’re going to talk about the Nashville shooting, and I’m sure everybody is very familiar with it by now. 

A few people might be listening in that are like, what’s that about? 


But anyway, we have to address that. 

So I will take a few seconds to bring everybody up to speed. 

So Audrey Elizabeth Hale. 

She’s a 28-year-old train transgender and a former student at a private Christian grade school in Nashville, Tennessee. 

She shot her way through the doors of the Covenant School and killed three nine-year-old students and three adult staff members in the lobby area of the second floor. 

One of the victims of the shooting was Catherine coons, who founded the school in 2001. 

The school is associated with the covenant presbyterian Church and has around 200 students. 

Hale herself was killed by two police officers who stormed the school and confronted Hale in the lounge area. 

So, of course, President Biden had something to say about this, and we should all pick up our ears and listen to what he is calling on Congress to do. 

So he says, I call on Congress again to pass my assault weapons ban. 

It’s about time we begin to make some more progress. 

I don’t know what he meant by more progress. 

Has he made any progress? 

I don’t know. 

Maybe he has. 

I don’t know. 

But he wants to have more progress because Joe Biden and all the left-wingers out there think that it’s the guns that kill people, not the people who hold the weapons. 

So I know there will be a lot of discussion about this Nashville shooting, and people will analyze it from here to there to everybody sick and tired of hearing about it. 

But I wanted to take a different angle here because there probably are many reasonable solutions to people out there who shouldn’t have guns and are bent on doing something tragic and horrible, even to little kids. 

But I think the real problem, Pastor, is that we don’t need gun control. 

It’s God control that has to come back. 

And I think we now live in a society where people have abandoned God. 

They abandoned biblical principles. 

They abandon having God in their life. 

And that means a lot. 

Unless you’re a Christian, you have no clue how God helps you through the day, how he helps you through all your struggles, and how he provides answers to all your questions. 

Doesn’t happen overnight. 

It’s not magical. 

It’s not Dream of Genie stuff where you just quit your nose, and suddenly God has an answer in front of your face. 

But God is always there. 

He’s always there and ready to comfort you, even when you don’t know why you’re being comforted, because the peace of God is always with you. 

If you reach out for it, you’re going to find it. 

But a world that doesn’t have God not only does not have that peace, but they also do not have answers to the questions and struggles they’re going through, and neither do they have the moral compass to know when something is right and when something is wrong. 

And people will take very wrong actions to cure what they think are problems. 

Earlier this year, we did a segment called Human Rage in which we went through twelve cases, and there are many more out there, but we went through twelve instances of people committing horrible crimes for just ridiculous reasons. 

A man who got too much mayonnaise on his Subway sandwich killed the server, shooting the server. 

Another lady killed another man because he drove too close to a stray cat. 

He didn’t hit the cat; he just drove too close to the stray cat, and the woman behind him had him out of the car, then got back in her car, ran him over, and killed him. 

And in New York City, a man was killed simply because he asked for a cigarette. 

So that’s human rage. 

This, what we saw in Nashville, is nothing short of human rage. 

If you want to listen to the audio version, click below.


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