Nebraska police chief pledges to ‘get the toxic masculinity out of policing’

Police Chief Ken Clary/ Facebook

One seldom hears of “toxic criminality” needing to be weeded out of society, but one reformist police chief in Nebraska is leading a nationwide push to fight “toxic masculinity” among cops by recruiting more female officers.

Bellevue, Neb. Police Chief Ken Clary’s efforts are aimed at hiring more women in the state’s third most populous city of 53,000 people, especially black and Hispanic women, who presumably are innately better at dealing with the most toxic of toxically masculine lawbreakers.

Some are accusing Clary of doing nothing but easing physical standards and personal conduct requirements to appease left-wing and progressive groups who want to defang the police and make life easier for lawbreakers

“‘If you’re not intentional about recruiting everyone and showing everyone that they can be successful here, you’re intentionally excluding people,” Clary told a friendly audience at The Washington Post, as reported by Times News Network.

Many dangerous, demanding jobs that involve the carrying of firearms tend to exclude some candidates.

Clary is a retired Iowa State Trooper working on his Ph.D. in criminology and criminal justice at the University of Nebraska. He was the first police chief to join the 30×30 Initiative – a group pushing to increase the number of women in police recruit classes. Their centerpiece pledge – signed by nearly 150 U.S. law enforcement agencies so far – is to make participating departments at least 30 percent female by 2030.

Hopefully, criminals will also work to increase the number of women committing crimes.

Currently, women make up 12 percent of sworn officers and 3 percent of top police leadership nationwide.


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