New Legal Missile Against Obamacare Hits, Damage Uncertain

Opponents of Obamacare protested its hidden taxes in 2015, but Supreme Court questions on constitutionality turned in its favor on argument that the taxation is part of the Congresses legitimate authority. Now that tax/penalty mandates are not part of it, a new challenge to the constitutionality of Obamacare has passed the first stage on the way to another Supreme Court showdown. (USA Today photo)

Denver Post – A federal judge in Texas threw a dagger on Friday into the Affordable Care Act, ruling that the entire health-care law is unconstitutional because of a recent change in federal tax law. The opinion by U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor overturns all of the sprawling law nationwide.

The ruling came on the eve of the deadline for Americans to sign up for coverage in the federal insurance exchange created under the law.

Since the suit was filed in January, many health-law specialists have viewed its logic as weak but nevertheless have regarded the case as the greatest looming legal threat to the 2010 law . . .

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