New York City disallows calling illegal aliens … illegal aliens

New York City has become the first major U.S. city to outlaw the use of terms such as 'alien' and 'illegal' when referring to immigrants in local legal documentation calling the terms 'degrading'. Pictured, New Yorkers arrested for protesting immigration camps

New York City has come up with a typical leftist solution to ridding itself of costly, troublesome illegal immigrants and aliens:

Call them something different.

And as usual, the major motivating force appears to be the presidency of Donald Trump.

The city has outlawed use of terms such as “alien” and “illegal” when referring to immigrants in local legal language, and will replace them with “noncitizen,” according to MailOnline.

The NYC City Council passed the bill on May 28 that will strike the terms “alien”, “illegal immigrant” and “illegal migrant” from laws, rules, city documents and related materials. Those supporting the legislation said the terms “dehumanize” people and they praised the decision to remove them at a time when they claim the White House is engaging in “racist rhetoric”.

The “racist rhetoric” was not specified.

The bill was passed by a commanding 46 of the 50 city council members present.

“No human being is illegal,” said City Council Speaker Corey Johnson in a statement.

“This degrading terminology never belonged in our laws, in our language, or in our lives. By taking this step, New York City would become the first major city in the United States to remove these offensive terms from its laws. It is my hope that other big cities will follow suit.”

The vote was also applauded by commissioner of NYC Immigrant Affairs Bitta Mostofi, who stated: “At a time when the federal government is engaged in divisive policies and racist rhetoric, we are proud to have worked within the administration with the council to show that there is a better way, one that recognizes the humanity of New Yorkers.”



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