Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Is the Centers for Disease Control becoming the Centers for Mind Control? Shocking test sent to educators – Video

In this episode: CDC ranks educators on becoming an “Awesome Ally” of the LGBT. A game you don’t want to miss. Mental Rage: The...

Nearly 40% of Americans say the world is coming to an end – Video Podcast

Pew Research Survey says 47% percent of Christians and 67% of blacks think the end of the world is near. Here's a short three-minute...

Elon Musk and others face assassination threats to keep them silent – Video Podcast

From Elon Musk, to pro-life groups, to a Christian organization that simply wants to have dinner, conservatives are being gagged, censored and threatened into...

Criminal defense attorney, Dyke Huish, sheds light on defending J6 detainees – Video Podcast

Seasoned California criminal defense attorney, Dyke Huish, shares his legal experience on defending J6 detainees and his thoughts on allegations the FBI and DOJ...
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