Monday, May 20, 2024
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United Nations Endorses Sex Between Minors and Adults – Video

International Women's Day Marred by UN's Shocking Sex Recommendations Watch the full episode here Martin: So get ready, grab the popcorn, strap on your thinking caps, and...

Nashville Shooting: Too many guns or not enough God – Video

Nashville Shooting: Is the Root Cause Too Many Guns or Not Enough God? Plus other topics: Is insect flour the future of food? IRS...

Trump’s arrest could forever change American politics – Video

Donald Trump's potential arrest, plus other topics: DOJ wants another 1,000 J6 arrests; Theologian fired over homosexual invasion Tweet; Canada promotes assisted suicide for...

Look now! The State Department is ALSO turning into a political weapon – Video

In this episode: Incredible. Now the State Department is being weaponized against conservatives, Jane Fonda advocates for MURDER to combat abortion laws, Pope Francis...
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