No Respect for the Dead: FBI Lists Atrocities At ‘Body Parts’ Business

Research and study of human cadavers is typically a highly regulated process, but Arizona is known as a regulation-free zone allowing for-profit trade in cadaver parts. The FBI's grisly account of a recent raid at a 'body parts' business in Arizona was recently revealed in a civil lawsuit against the business and its owner, Stephen Gore. (National Geographic photo)

AZ Central News – A head sewn onto a mismatched body, a bucket of limbs and a cooler filled with male genitalia are among items found by FBI agents during a raid on a Phoenix body-donation business.

The now-shuttered, for-profit Biological Resource Center specialized in accepting the bodies of people after they died, in exchange for free pickup of the bodies then receiving the cremated remains of the body parts the company did not sell.

A regulatory-free zone for the body-parts industry, at least four body donation companies operate in Arizona, in addition to a non-profit cryonics company that freezes cadavers with the intent of one day bringing them back to life.

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