Non-Religious Numbers Climb as Biblical Belief Wanes in America

The increase of non-religious persons compared to other religious belief groups is a global phenomenon illustrating the falling away from belief in God in the west in particular. (Public Domain map)

The Christian Post – Those with no particular religious affiliation, often called “nones,” continue to grow in number in the United States, new data show.

Eastern Illinois University political science professor Ryan Burge explains in an essay for Religion in Public that while much of the media often frames the statistics that nones now constitute the largest religious group in the U.S., the reality is much more complicated. Nevertheless, the trend is clear.

Self-identified nones made up 22.2% of Americans in 2008, Burge noted; today they comprise 29.5%. The aggregated data was taken from the Cooperative Congressional Election Study which has been conducted since 2006.

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