Northam Photo Release Linked to Governor’s Infanticide Stand

Fox News contributor Dan Bongino said on Friday that a controversial photo moved about conservative circles for months showing Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam as a blackface entertainer in 1984, while in medical school. Hours after Northam stated his support for a bill to allow late-term abortions, the photo hit online and went viral. (Big League Politics photo)

Mother Jones – The yearbook photo that could bring down the Democratic governor of Virginia was first posted online by a young web outlet best known for defending white nationalists: Big League Politics . . .

The man who first posted the Northam yearbook photo is BLP editor-in-chief Patrick Howley, . . . (who) tried to fashion BLP into an investigative reporting outfit.

The Northam yearbook photo would certainly qualify as a big scoop. But Fox News contributor Dan Bongino said the photo had been kicking around in conservative circles for months before Howley finally posted it Friday, after Northam came under heavy fire from conservatives for his comments supporting (the infanticide bill).

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