Norway to study if white paint is racist – Video

In this episode of Shout Out Patriots: Kamala Harris leaves out “life” from Declaration of Independence, Tony Dungy apologizes for offending transgenders, School board member says “whiteness is evil,” more dangerous than wild animals, Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee introduces bill to combat ‘white supremacy’, DeSantis stops NHL job fair that banned white people, British Museum bans the word ‘Mummy’ as offensive to corpses, Norway to study if white paint is racist, Washington Department of Health urges ‘transmasculine persons with a cervix’ to seek out smears, Patriots Takings a Stand Segment

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Martin: Welcome to Shout Out Patriots. 

I’m Martin Mawyer, your host, and joining me is Pastor Jason Binder. 

He’s the cohost and pastor of the Patriot Church. 

Also joining me is Alec Rooney. 

He’s the news editor for Christian Action Network. Out in Columbus, Ohio, is the chairman of the board for Christian Action Network and an attorney, David Carroll. 

And the producer of this show is Michael Mawyer. 

So welcome, everybody.

Especially those who are watching or listening to our live broadcast. 

Has anybody ever read the funny papers lately? 

Michael: No? 

Martin: Does anybody even know what those are?

Do they make the funny papers anymore?

Alec: I’ve only been reading the classified documents in my home. 

Still haven’t gotten through them all. 

Martin: When I read the news nowadays, it all reads like a comic strip. 

I mean, you want to laugh, you want to cry, you want to get angry. 

Your brain is absolutely puzzled by the headlines that you see. 

And the content of the articles doesn’t make any sense. 

So people are just saying whatever they want nowadays, whether it’s scientific fact or not, whether there’s any truth to it or not. 

It’s as if people were speaking their emotions. They want the world to be perceived in their own eyes without dealing with any reality. 

So my first issue today is Kamala Harris. 

Now, she is the vice president or the president, depending on who you talk to. 

Anyway, she was in Florida last week and was attending a celebration for the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision, Roe v. Wade, that legalized abortion. 

And she made a speech there in which she referenced the Declaration of Independence, where she said every American has the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

But she left out what I think is the most critical part of the Declaration, the right to life. 

Now, here’s what the Declaration of Independence actually says. 

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

So Kamala decides to leave the word life out of it. 

This is pure evil because she’s basically telling the American people that you no longer have a right to life in this country. 

And it doesn’t just stop with the unborn. 

It means everybody out there no longer has the right to life in that wacky woman’s brain. 

Alec: And it’s hard to pursue happiness when you no longer have your life. 

Martin: Yeah. 

And just a few weeks ago, the House of Representatives voted on a bill requiring medical attention to be given to any aborted baby that came out still alive. 

And 210 Democrats voted against it. 

I mean, you’re talking about 210 Democrats who are; basically, they’re murderers. 

The baby’s out. Let’s kill it. Let’s let it die. 

Michael: That’s what they are, though. 

I mean, they are murderers. 

They don’t care about life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness when you think about it. 

Pastor Binder: And then we got to think, is that intentional? 


50th anniversary of Roe, she leaves out the term life. 

Life, as you just read Marty, it’s the first mention there. 

It’s life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

So I believe that was very intentional. 

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