Not Antifa, not BLM, but ‘Racism’ is a national security threat, says State Department

State Dept. event discussing racism as 'national security threat'

In an official display of panic-signaling, which is shaping up to be the substance of Democratic rule over the United States, the State Department announced a Zoom discussion to be held on Feb. 10 on “Racism Being a Threat to National Security and Democracy.”

It’s all part of the false narrative being constructed by Democrats and the media that throngs of murderous white racists are organizing to seize back the power that big leftist government seized on Inauguration Day, after a presidential election riddled with obvious corruption and followed by sweeping efforts by media and Big Tech to shame anyone questioning it.

Panic-signaling is the public expression of exaggerated fear, in an attempt to demonize a person or group by portraying them as a threat.

It was not clear if the session ever took place, but the announcement was obtained by FOX News. One of the featured speakers was former Democratic Rep. Tom Perriello, currently an officer in George Soros’ Open Society Foundation (OSF).

The announcement, obtained by “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” described the event as being for “State Department [e]mployees.”

Speakers were to include Center for Constitutional Rights attorney Diala Shamas and Western States Center (WSC) Executive Director Eric Ward. The groups generally call for racial equality and “justice” but also promote radical ideas and panic-signaling of their own, like calling policing of black lawbreakers “lynching,” touting the #DefundPolice hashtag, granting “amnesty” to violent protesters (unless they support Donald Trump) and defunding the police.

Shamas’ organization has gotten donations from Soros’ Open Society Institute and previously called for a $1 billion cut to the New York Police Department’s funding.

Periello’s group, meanwhile, has donated millions to the “Black Lives Matter” movement and associated groups. Last year, for example, it poured $220 million into “building power for Black communities” with a stated focus on continuing Soros’ “vital work of fighting for rights, dignity, and equity for oppressed people.”


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