NPR airs segment on trans author’s ‘In Defense of Looting’ book

Vicky Osterweil, author of 'In Defense of Looting'

National Public Radio is showcasing a book by a liberal scholar that is so moronic it might have been planted by a Special Ops publicity team working for the Trump campaign.

Written by Vicky Osterweil, whose ability to reason falls somewhere below even his ability to imitate a woman, In Defense of Looting makes the case that it’s all right to smash store windows and take stuff because you “are engaging in a powerful tactic that questions the justice of ‘law and order,’ and the distribution of property and wealth in an unequal society.”

To condemn looting is racist, the author maintains, and means you are against the free and equal distribution of stuff “that would otherwise be commodified and controlled.”

In the case of recent riots and looting in the shopping district of Chicago, these essential goods would include pricey handbags and Apple electronic products.

Looting is good and defensible, Osterweil goes on, because “it attacks the idea of property, and it attacks the idea that in order for someone to have a roof over their head or have a meal ticket, they have to work for a boss.”

The book’s feeble premise can summed up as “store owners are rich, so it’s OK to break their windows and steal their stuff.”  

The book is sitting at two out of five stars on Amazon, with about two dozen reviews. and is outlandish to the point of not even being newsworthy.

What is newsworthy is that NPR is taking it seriously, using it to try and excuse the crimes of Democrat-supporting thugs in major cities.



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