Nukes? Mitt Romney tells NATO to get prepared

Mitt Romney/ Facebook

Mitt Romney, the rejected Republican presidential candidate whose role has become that of an errand-boy for Democrats, is frantically laying the groundwork for an apocalypse in Ukraine that can be blamed on his party. 

Talking recklessly of nuclear war, the RINO poster boy said on May 21 that the United States and its NATO allies should be unlimbering the nuclear weapons in case Russian President Vladimir Putin uses them. 

The wealthy Utah politician, 75, teamed up with The New York Times for an editorial that started out by stating the obvious: “Russia’s use of a nuclear weapon would unarguably be a redefining, reorienting geopolitical event. 

 “We should imagine the unimaginable, specifically how we would respond militarily and economically to such a seismic shift in the global geopolitical terrain.” 

There can be little doubt that Romney is playing a John-McCain-like role for the Biden administration, attempting to push the world into war:   

“You are either with us, or you are with Russia — you cannot be with both,” Romney wrote of other powers in the world, namely China. Any country that aligns with a post-nuclear Russia would be a “global pariah,” he wrote, and would be subject to an “economic Armageddon,” which is “far preferable to nuclear Armageddon.” 

The warlike Romney said he fully supports U.S. involvement in the Ukraine debacle and that he is confident the Biden administration and NATO will “develop and evaluate a broad range of options.” 

Romney’s saber-rattling concluded: “The potential responses to an act so heinous and geopolitically disorienting as a nuclear strike must be optimally designed and have the support of our NATO allies. … Mr. Putin and his enablers should have no doubt that our answer to such depravity would be devastating.” 



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