NYC Imam Surveys Reasons, ‘Maybe Islam is Not The Religion For You’

New York cleric Muhammad "Mufti" Ibn Muneer said that consequence for saying something true about Islam is commendable, but not the highest level of reward. So don't hold back on saying there is slavery in Islam or that Islam provides women for concubines. The martyr who dies fighting for Allah, however, holds the highest status of martyrdom and reward. (MEMRI video still)

MEMRI – New York cleric Muhammad “Mufti” Ibn Muneer said that a martyr killed fighting for Allah holds the highest status of martyrdom, and that Muslims should never apologize for speaking the truth about Jihad, the Jews, and the Christians. . . . 

“What’s next?” Ibn Muneer said. “When does it stop, the neutering of the Muslim?” He also said that trying to remove Jihad from the Quran and the Sunnah is like “removing sweetness from honey.”

He added: “Your feelings have no value [or] worth in light of the Quran and Sunnah. If you don’t believe and understand that, then maybe Islam is not the religion for you.”

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